The toilet water is bubbling. The tub is filling up with water. The kitchen sink drain is making a loud clicking sound. It is time to clean your sewer. You can do it yourself, or you can use the services of a sewer line cleaner.

Clearing a blocked sewer line is not something people love to talk about. If you have any of these problems, however, you might need to clean out your private lateral. Most cases will include a professional sewer inspection.

You can clean your sewer lines by reading these tips.

Why does main sewer line need to be cleaned out?

You can see the following signs of a clogged or dirty sewer line:

  1. Shower basin draining slowly, collecting water

  2. Water drain backups

  3. The drains are making gurgling noises

Many, if any, sewer backups are caused when you flush unsuitable items down your toilet or place solid or sticky substances down your drain. Some examples include diapers. You should remember that even if the item passes through your kitchen sink or toilet bowl, it could get stuck further down the sewer line.

Many homeowners don't take the time to clean and maintain their sewer lines, and they don't look at sewer problems until it becomes serious. Even if there are no unauthorized items, a clogged or dirty pipe could be due to raw, natural sewage backup. If untreated, this can often lead to severe underground pipe damage which will require a costly sewer line repair.

Most sewage backups occur due to severe damage to sewer pipes. These situations often result in severe sewage backups due to tree root intrusion, cracked pipe material or offset sealing joints.

Can I fix the sewer blockage myself?

Maybe. It may not be necessary to fix clogged drains. You can try a plunger for the toilet, or an ecofriendly drain cleaning product such as Bio-Clean(r), to unclog a blocked kitchen sink.

But what happens if the problem seems to be in your main sewage line? You should not attempt to do it yourself pipe-cleaning repair. Never. It could cause more damage to your sewer line. There are also safety risks. DIY solutions could even violate East Bay municipal code requirements. It is possible to treat the immediate symptoms but not to address the deeper issue.

If you don't have the skills or experience to clean underground sewer lines yourself, it is better to hire professional sewer cleaning services. Untreated sewer clogs or long-term buildup can cause severe damage to your home. Also, a complete sewer line replacement cost will be more expensive than an inspection and maintenance.

First, stop running the faucet or flushing your toilet if the plumbing is broken. Locate the valve that is causing the issue. These valves are often located behind or under the sink. You can call a plumber for help and to schedule an inspection to ensure you're correcting the problem.

How does a professional sewer cleaning company fix my drains

The first thing your sewer maintenance professional should do is look for drain cleanouts.

Professionals might not be able see the sewer line if there are severe clogs. Most likely, your pipe maintenance needs fall under the "general maintenance", but in some cases, inspectors can provide advice on which options are best for you. After determining the cause of the problem, there is a number of techniques plumbing contractors can employ to clear it.

The common use of power snakes is to remove, loosen and push material downstream to the main drain. There are many attachment heads that can be used to remove hard pipe obstructions, including roots, food accumulation and hair. The rotating cable of the power serpent has various blade attachments so that it can be used to remove different types of clogs.

Hydrojetters, another tool that makes use of high-pressure water techniques to rid the body of long-term waste accumulations, are also available.

These tools are best used close to the problem.

Checklist on sewer clogs

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order repair a clogged sewerpipe.

  • Use a plunger to resolve the issue or an ecofriendly cleaner.

  • Turn off water supply (fixture Valve)

  • Organise a professional inspection

  • Make an appointment for a professional sewer pipe cleaner

It is important to choose a plumber who is certified and experienced. Your community should have a positive reputation for the company.